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    Hi Al (Mr. Kavadlo?),

    I have been following your work for a long time and working to emulate your principles in my workout, and I’ve been very pleased with the results.

    Anyway, I just attempted my first Century, and I am pleased to say that I pulled it off! (yes, there was a little bit of downward facing dog in the pushups, and yes I touched ground twice on the knee raises and pullups, but it’s a good start).

    My question is, in keeping with your principles of always pushing myself, where do I aim from here? In other words:

    1. Is there a harder test I can work toward? A “century level 2”? Or should I try and do as many centuries as I can within the space of a given workout, and if so, what should the parameters be?

    2. I love the century because it’s such a balanced way to work the whole body, but there are lots of other bodyweight exercises I love as well – for example, parallel dips (I can do about 20), handstand pushups (about 8), back bridges (I can hold for about 20 seconds), glute ham raises (still working on this one – I can only do 3, with therabands), or shrimp squats (ditto). Is it possible to construct a different century variation using some of these exercises, without losing the great overall balance of the original century?

    3. I’m not sure what you think about suspension training, but I just built myself a poor man’s TRX and would love to do a “century” type workout on this as well – do you have any thoughts for what the exercise selection and reps would be?

    That’s it for me, sorry for the onslaught of questions, but thank you ever so much for keeping it real and turning the fitness world on its head (oddly, by just getting us back to our roots… the world is a strange place).

    Al Kavadlo

    Hey hey hey!

    Once you’ve conquered the Century with perfect form, you are ready to start working on harder moves like pistol squats and muscle-ups! There’s no limit to how far you can go! Read my books if you want more info. 😉

    We’re Working Out!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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