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Ya doing good to find time with that hectic schedule. I look after two toddlers all day and night. Exercise when they go to bed. Not doing any at all this week as hurt shoulder doing handstand pushup then one arm push up. Not ready yet I think, I havethe strength but body too heavy for joints to hold it iI think. So learnt my lesson due to my mistake so will need to power upand lose weight before I attempt again in a few months. I’m using the routines in Solitary Fitness. The author is crazy. Does thousands of push ups a day takes on ten prison guards at a time( strips naked and covers his body in butter so they can’t get a grip), can break hand cuffs. And was reported to have thrown a fridge at a guard. Has a whole chapter on how to knock outa cow. Using his methods i have powered up really quick. The only problem is there is no pull ups in his routines as he canot do them in solitary