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Robby Taylor

Focus on keeping your chest pitched up/forward and your shoulder blades retracted; think of rolling your shoulders back and locking them back. It’s sort of like shrugging only in reverse, kinda.

I’m not a big fan of cross fit. I mean, it does take and provide a ton of conditioning, but it really is a sport rather than a training program, and this can be seen in the emphasis on speed and reps rather than strictness of form and building strength. Some people get hurt doing it because they use poor form (rounding lower back during deadlift is the most obvious culprit I think) and/or they simply aren’t conditioned enough for the workload and they approach it as a super intense training program…most of the people who excel at cross fit are already well conditioned athletes going in. Also, from what I’ve read you can get a basic cert as a cf trainer in a weekend course, plus the cost of actually working out at a crossfit gym is ridiculous, when you consider you could go to the park and learn how to do stricter muscle ups and pistol squats by yourself for free. I also find it a bit irritating that some people see cross fitters doing muscle ups with humongous kips and assume that is how muscle ups are done and that they are all technique and not a worthwhile strength building exercise…but of course a strong parallel can be drawn when observing the same cross fitters doing pull ups with equally huge kips.

Then again, it can be good in the right context for the right type of person. Also, I’ve spoken to a few crossfitters, and they seem to be nice people who are genuinely interested in fitness. Sure you hear stories and see videos of so and so who’s acting like a pretentious snob because he thinks he’s the greatest thing since Hercules, but there are people like that everywhere, it’s not limited to crossfit and it’s not limited to fitness for that matter.

Ultimately, view it as a sport. To that end, it is a very young sport, and I’m sure it will be refined in time, if it is to stick around.