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I did Convict Conditioning program from step 1 (3-5 weeks each step) and when I did close pushups it was a bit harder on my wrists, but nothing special. I think it happen mainly because of crow stand, where you need balance your whole body with wrists. I went back from crow to headstand, also progress from close to uneven pushups so my wrists are not in wierd angle as they would be in close pushups. Things got better, but I think its need more time to heal completly. Its still hurt a bit in some wierd spots and wierd angles, but ts good overall for basic excercies.

Pushups on knuckles feel less stressful for wrists but my knuckles are not used, but its okay to use knuckles for headstand tripod. Im also trying fingertip pushups to strenghten my hands and wrists.

Do you know any special excercices for strengtening wrists that I can use?