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Robby Taylor

I would instead suggest doing slow, controlled muscle up negatives. Focus on the speed that your elbows move as you lower through the transition. You can use the rollover to get above the bar for each rep. You *can* keep doing what you’re doing but I personally suggest against it. Technically that method is, at best, an assisted muscle up and at worst a failed muscle up. Doing rollovers with controlled negatives is a better solution as it reinforces proper body mechanics and also forces you to maintain stricter form. Once your form breaks down to where your elbows are transitioning asynchronously, your form is already bad so even at best you’re doing bad reps, yet they can get even worse by getting sloppy with this form. But if you are strict about both arms coming over together, then even the worst muscle up you do will be better than the best one with your arms coming over at different times (unless you’re counting something like an around the world muscle up, but we’re just talking about the standard muscle up here).

Thus, your best bet is to focus on rollovers with slow muscle up negatives, low straight bar dips (touch chest to bar/shoulders to hands), high pull ups (chest to bar, false grip if desired), and if you want weighted pull ups and dips can be helpful too.