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Robby Taylor

For football you mainly should focus on core strength and leg strength, obviously. Get good at pistol squats and either L sits and/or hanging leg raises. It would also be wise to get good at bridging, I’d suggest working on the stand to stand bridge if you can. Upper body strength is not so important, but I’d still suggest at least ensuring that you are solid at pull ups and dips, and if you want to go further then muscle ups and handstand push ups would be awesome.

I’d also suggest some regular sprinting, if you’re not already doing that. Otherwise, I’d suggest working on box jumps or some other kind of intense jumping exercise. The only other thing I’d suggest off of the top of my head is tire flipping or sled dragging (sled dragging would probably be more applicable for football). But go hard, it should be like a sprint not an endurance thing. Like don’t go so heavy that you can barely move it, you want to be able to move quickly, but make sure that it’s hard so at first you can’t go for too long.