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I am at the first level of the Squat series in the Convict Conditioning, the shoulderstand squat. After 2 sessions of working, I have some questions. First, I will tell you about my “unsual” findings:

– When I keep my body locked straight, I feel the pressure is very hard on my arms, especially the biceps. Moreover, I feel breathing is a bit hard as well.

– After doing the exercise, I suffered from a pain right below my neck whenever I pull my head backwards

So my questions are:

– Are the above “symptoms” normal when doing this exercise or is my form uncorrect?

– Does the body need to form straight line from the toe to the torso?

– Before I know of the Convict conditioning, I could do the squat without any problem. Therefore, can I pass this exercise and move on the the second one, jacknife squat? If not, is there any substitute for this exercise?