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Thanks for the recommendation, Al. I will certainly look over the book for myself later since I dont want to just read books and do no actual workouts. It is true that 1 book is never enough, especially about this wide subject as calisthenics but at least I need to spend some time to really study and follow what is taught in the book to see it for myself.

Anyway, if you said so about the squat series of the CC, then I think I may pass the first exercise and go right to the second one.

Regarding the CC, I think there are many guys out there sharing your opinion as well. The paradox I see is that although many people claim the CC is the no.1 book for calisthenics and the book itself also assure that if you use what is taught in the book, you will be strong and muscular over the period, I however havent seen a lot of “convict conditioners” with amazing results.

Thanks again for the advice, Al :).