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Thanks Robby for the feedback. I was at the point where I could hold the tucked back lever for 4 sets of 15sec. I never did a max out. I just took the advice from sommer’s building the gymnastic body, and increased progression once I hit multiple sets of 15 sec. I did the same thing with my straight arm frog planch. I hit 4×15, and jumped right into the tucked, which I help for 6sec max. I never did German hangs, mainly because I didn’t know about them.

So, after I hurt my biceps and elbows, I moved back to working planch leans, flexed holds, hollow body holds, and inverted hangs.

The planche and front/back lever are my primary skills focus for the time being, but I’m also throwing in pull ups, PPP, handstand holds, dips, headstand push-ups, l-sits, bridges, and elbow lever reverse leg lifts to work on core/ pressing strength to help out with static strength. I’ve alternate verticle and horizontal pressing/pulling strength exercises monthly.

Example: Monday/Thursday lever/planch work, horizontal pressing/pulling/legs
Tues/frid lever/planche work, verticle pressing/pulling/legs.

All my sessions are roughly 20-45min Low volume, but high intensity. Every fourth week I deload by cutting sets in half, switch up to 3 days, or just work statics mon/thurs, press/pull/legs tues/frid