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Robby Taylor

well of those 5 the one arm push up and pistol squat are by far the easiest. Al’s tutorials for these will get you there. For the pistols, you may benefit from doing additional skill training outside of actual workouts because of the mobility demands of the exercise.

the one arm handstand is really a long term hand balancing goal and you should focus on getting a very solid two arm handstand at this point instead. the front lever and one arm pull up both will require a lot of lat strength and a lot of shoulder pulling strength. however, i would suggest focusing on getting really solid at the muscle up first. weighted pull ups can be helpful for all 3 of those exercises, in addition to more specific progressions.

as far as progressing directly, i tend to keep my rep ranges and sets fairly similar i just mix it up by structuring my workouts differently with various exercises. i usually pick one or two hard upper body exercises and a lower body exercise, and sometimes also one or two easier upper body exercises. it’s all about balancing the workload throughout your body. if i’m doing pull ups as my only pulling exercise, i will do sets of 15 or 20 with various grips. but if i’m doing muscle ups and pull ups i will probably only do sets of 10 maybe 12. but, yes you can also try to add reps whenever you feel able. and there’s no reason you can’t add weight to these movements; weighted pull ups, dips, and pistols offer a great avenue to progress.