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Awesome, thank you for the tips and help.
I think I came up with a decent program routine using total time/reps vs traditional set X rep. For example today

12min: skill work
Press to handstand against wall- hold 30-60sec
Different position l-sits(parallel bars, floor, rings turned out)

Light holds- :30 total seconds- A) tucked planch, B) advanced tuck back lever rest 60-90sec.
Medium movements- A) tucked front lever pull ups, 5/5/4/4/4/3- 25 total
B) straight bar dips, 6/6/5/5/5/3- 30 total
C) pistols, 5/5/5/4/4/2- 25 total.
Finisher: 5 min TGU: 24kg( 3each side)

I think alternating heavy, med, light will allow me to train my holds daily, and use different strength based skills for their appropriate intensity.
Mon: longer holds, low reps
Tues: low holds, higher reps
Wed: medium holds, med reps
Thurs: rest, repeat, active recover, or sprints.
I’m still playing around with which pairings of holds to rep ratio.
Longer holds: total :60
Low reps 15-20 total
Med: 35-45seconds/25-35reps
Short holds: 20-30 sec total
High reps: 40-50