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I’m not actually using any weight training other than body weight. I was just using the templates from the 5×5, 5/3/1, and such to work on my pistols, one arm push ups, and pull-ups. By dip progressions I meant going from regular dips, to Korean and such.

I was considering holding off on the front lever since I can only hold a front tuck for 10-12 seconds, and anytime I try to progress past the progression I fall. As for planch, I can now hold a tuck planch for 5x8seconds and back lever I’m holding a extended back tuck for 5×6-8 seconds. I’m wanting to get a solid over all time for each progression up to a minute. My current goals are basically weighted pistols( I can do 3×3 at 8kg), 10 each; one arm push ups, planch, and levers. I do throw in finishers from pavel’s PM alternating days of 5-10min TGU, 8-12 min of swings.

My main focus over the last few months has been nutrition, its what I’m going to school for, so my fitness programming seems to be a little off.

my current training before my deload last week looked like this: M/T/TH/Fri, Wed/Sat were skill work/active recovery and or sprint sessions

Warm-up/skill work- 15-20min: Foam roll, dynamic movements, wrist circles, shoulder dislocates and such, Handstand and L-sit progressions. I can hold wall handstands up to 2 minutes, and l-sits tucked 1 min, straight leg 10-20sec, but after moving to the floor from parallettes my times decreased by half. I want to progress into straddles l’s and the manna one day.

Strength: Planch 3-4×10-15sec paired with back lever in an A/B format rest 60-90seconds. 2a/b/c was push, pull, squat progressions, 3-4×5-12. I alternated between heavy, and light days. M/Thur heavy, Tues/Friday light. Also Tues/Fri was more posterior(russian leg curls, ring glute raises or a variation) strength for legs vs pistols on mon/thurs.

This program worked for me, but I started to want to get my planch, and levers more so I wanted to train at least 4-5x a week as skills vs strength work.