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Hello Robby,

Once again thank you for your really comprehensive feedback here. The first thing I have taken from it (along with some of your previous advice) is that my workouts aren’t comprehensive enough. I need to be doing more and over the next week I’m going to add some stuff to it, try and get it rounded and post the whole thing up for an appraisal. I do the same workout three times a week so it is pretty simple to list. I had been doing handstands but I stopped for some reason.

I’m not overly interested in serious grip strength per se. I’m a teacher and haven’t found any element of my life so far (moving furniture, lugging around heavy suitcases, etc) where my grip strength was lacking. It is just now it is getting in the way of me achieving my other goals. Despite that I have bookmarked those grippers in case I want to get some in the future. I will give some towel wringing a go the next time I’m in the shower though.

The two pieces of advice that have clicked with me 100% are carrying on with commando pull ups to keep the overall reps up (and therefore my overall conditioning) which I am going to start straight away. The second is doing hanging leg raises which I never thought of as a substitute (or addition) to hangs.

I’ll let you know how I get on ramping up my routine and get the whole thing up here soon.

Thank you once again and all the best!