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Robby Taylor

Hey Liam,

In this case, I suggest that you focus your pull up training on commando pull ups. That way you will be able to get a good number of reps. But, do 4 sets, 2 on each side. I also suggest you train hanging leg raises just as regularly. This will primarily be to train the grip strength but it will also of course be helpful in developing core strength. Don’t worry about touching your feet to the bar at this time; just keep your legs straight and bring them up to an L position. Also, the hook grip is simply a suggestion, everyone is different. If you find a normal grip much easier then it would be wise to use that grip in order to build your reps up. Over time, simply spending time on the bar will build your grip strength up, but if you feel you need more there are things you can do off of the bar.

The simplest thing to do is to wring a towel. Just get a towel and wring it out. You may want t to get it wet first so you can get some kind of feedback on how hard you’re wringing it. If you want to develop serious grip strength, you may want to consider getting a high capacity gripper. I personally recommend the Gillingham High Performance grippers. There are 10 levels of these grippers, and I have a 3, 5, and 7. I find the 5 to be a serious challenge and the 7 is just ridiculous (there’s a validation program for anyone who can close a 7 or higher; they estimate that only a few hundred people in the world can currently close a 7 legitimately). For you I would recommend a 3 at the highest.


Also, I assume you’re working on hand balancing to some capacity, but if not you should. This builds hand and forearm strength in a different way, and you should be doing both to ensure a balanced development. I can’t say how much this will help your grip strength on the bar, but it is important in the bigger picture. At this stage you should focus on primarily developing proper handstands, but I also suggest spending time on L sits, frog stands, and elbow levers.