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Robby Taylor

I think that’s too much stuff for the typical office worker to bother doing. If anything, just have them do the trifecta at work. As way to scale L-sits, you can have them do an L sit on a sturdy chair or desk, letting their legs hang lower. The process of attaining the master level of those exercises will give you most of the most important benefits of all of those exercises you listed. Most of the types of problems people in that setting will have is with the back, specifically lower back, posture, or some kind of shoulder or hip impingement. The bridge and twist hold alone will build fortitude for almost everything except for the neck…but if you have a healthy, mobile spine it is likely that the neck will follow, especially if you train neck bridges. Heck, the L-sit alone will build (and requires) more strength than any of the exercises you listed in the home workout. Speaking of which, the home workout looks great. You may want to include alternatives for people who are reasonably strong (namely pull ups and dips).

If you wanted to add something else, though, the wrist stretches and circling are great.