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Robby Taylor

I usually superset a pull with a push so that I can do both in the same workout without tiring out one or the other too much. If you pair the exercises well you shouldn’t suffer too much in either one and thus will still get a good workout. For example, I haven’t done muscle ups much since I’ve been getting decent with the one arm pull up, but when I did I would superset muscle ups with handstand push ups, and it would be fine. But when I would superset muscle ups with dips they just killed each other. However I could do muscle ups and pull ups in the same workout (sometimes I would pick a high and low level pull and high and low level push). Go figure. Just experiment man, but if you want to get better at the basics, the more often you do them the better (to a point). I would recommend 3-6 days a week, depending on your goals.