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Do you have a pull up bar in your house? If you can do a pull up with decent form then put the bar up in your house and do a rep every time you go past. This will build up strength and also really lock in the good form.

At the early stages of your training working out everything on the same day works really well. I’ve done this both ways, with a four day split routine and working out three times a week whole body and the results for me were much better working whole body for three times a week. You build up a better level of conditioning.

So, I would advice at the moment doing your squats, leg raises, pull ups and push ups in the same workout. This may lower your reps a little at first but the results will be much better for a beginner (coming from experience) and you’ll also have more time to rest and recover.

Convict Conditioning is a great resource but I think it can easily lead to a slightly narrow minded approach of how you should workout. Think of the progressions, rep recommendations and workout structure as guidelines not infallible law.

Bottom line: I would suggest doing all the exercises in one workout, three times a week (i.e. Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and try to incorporate some extra movement into your life. Don’t worry if your reps drop and little and don’t worry if it takes some time to build a solid foundation. As Al would say just focus on each workout as it comes and don’t sweat the long term goals too much, they’ll happen when you are really mindful in each workout. Once you’ve got a solid foundation with squats, leg lifts, push ups and pull ups you can decide where to go from there. And there are a lot of doors open for you at that stage!