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If we’re talking specifically about the push ups then stick with the rep range for a week or two, if you’re still shaking after that cut down the reps but increase the sets. So do 3 x 5-8 instead of 1 x 15. Do that for a week and then do 2 x 10-12 and then go back to doing 1 x 15 and you should find the shaking has stopped.

Let me give you a very basic overview of a principle called cycling. If you get stuck at a rep range then drop the reps slightly and work back up, quite often this is enough to get you past a sticking point. Especially at the early stages with basic exercises.

How much should you increase your reps by each week? That is an impossible question to answer and to be honest your body knows that best. For example with your push ups, soon you’ll get to the top position after 15 and think “hey, I can do another one” that is how I increase my reps now. I don’t have goals (i.e. next week I’ll do two more reps of this) but rather action plans (i.e. when I can do this many reps I’ll start training for this exercise or change my set pattern, etc) and I let my body arrive at that point when it arrives. Your body is your best coach, you need to start listening to it and the the more you do this stuff the more you’ll get used to letting your body tell you stuff.