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Robby Taylor

Hello again, Antonio, great questions. Yes, you can build strength without mass, then mass later. You would do this by primarily focusing on low rep strength exercises that are relevant to your long term goals. Once you are comfortable with the difficulty of exercises you are doing, start building reps. The key is programming, so all you would have to do is build up to doing one arm pull ups, then start adding reps. Once you are doing them in the 6-12 rep range you will effectively be using it as a mass building exercise, assuming you recover properly of course with adequate food and sleep. The only problem with this approach is that it will take most people years to get that good at one arm pull ups…but it could be any exercise, it’s a lot easier to do with muscle ups (although personally I am trying to do that with one arm pull ups as my main pulling exercise).

And yes this will definitely build strong joints and tendons.