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Robby Taylor

Well ultimately once you reach a certain size you will start to see diminishing returns. So I think in the end you would end up about the same. Although there’s a chance you’ll be stronger if you train for strength first, because it’s easier to achieve a level of relative strength and then maintain that level as you put on weight than it is to put on weight and then work on relative strength. That’s why you don’t see too many big guys doing one arm pull ups and such.

Plus, I can’t particularly justify it, but I feel like if you focus purely on strength without putting on much size for a couple of years and then use high level strength moves to build size that the resulting muscle mass that you do build will be more efficient than building muscle and then working on the strength moves. At the very least, if you get high relative strength and then get big, during the time you have that mass you will always be ridiculously strong; much stronger than you look, even though you will look strong. But if you use low level moves to build mass, you won’t be nearly as strong at that same size. But learning one arm pull ups is way easier when you weigh 30 pounds less.