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Yeah I can see the rollover clearly in your picture. It is really surprising because pull ups aren’t that big a deal, neither are deep dips on a straight bar but getting that little bit of movement that connects them together is quite a challenge!

I’m going to get some gardening gloves at the weekend and give them a go. I’m sure the soreness will fade but I have also been a little concerned about callouses. I have a few little ones at the moment and want to avoid anything more than that. They aren’t exactly very sightly and hurt when you bump them on stuff.

Yes, I’m planning to be able to do shrimp squats and pistols. I think I’ll be another person who finds shrimp squats easier. I can do supported shrimp squats without much problem but struggle a bit more working on pistols. Generally I don’t fall backwards so I don’t think I need the counterweight. My legs just aren’t strong enough yet. So I’m going to give it a go with the pole like you suggested.

Thanks for another round of interesting points. I’ll report back in a couple of weeks if I have made any progress with the muscle ups.