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Robby Taylor

Looks good man! Here’s what I did the last 3 days


Day 1: dragon flags, back levers, pistols with a 30 pound dumbbell

Day 2: adv. Frog stands, tuck front levers, back bridge, handstand facing wall, hold bottom position of pistol squat (when I add weight to them I hold on to my free foot to make the mobility requirement easier, but I aim to improve here by holding the bottom position unassisted).

Day 3: muscle ups, HeSPU, pistols with 30 pound dumbbell.

Today’s my day off. I’m really thinking about repeating this cycle at least a couple more times. A couple of months ago I was doing more exercises in a given workout but it would take like 2 or 3 hours. This feels pretty good right now and I feel like I’m still making progress; back levers and dragon flags are easier than they’ve ever been, and my bridging is also advancing quite well. I also feel like I’m making progress on the one arm chin.

As you may notice the back lever is a critical exercise at this stage, particularly with a supinated grip (chin up grip, palms facing feet during the lever). Excelling at this exercise will help you prepare for the planche (it’s said the core requirements are nearly identical), the one arm chin (due to the stress put on the biceps and elbows), and will also have good carry over to the muscle up. It is also useful to set the groundwork for the front lever, and even critical in training for the iron cross and, obviously, the Maltese cross.