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I am still beginner too. I went from zero chin ups to 7 max. I didnt focus on chin/pull ups first 5 months after I started and did only horizontal row because it was in Convict Conditioning. Last 2 months I started doing chin ups and increase my rep from 3 to 6 in average. Im doing them 2 times per week. Reps increased after I started doing them more, 20-25 as I said before and also this helped. Squeezing last 2 half reps of chin ups drain muslces more so they have to adapt and increase endurance after time.

I used to watch so many videos about how to do more pullups, but only thing I found out was that you just need to do more pullups to increase endurance. If you train 3 times per week and train hard you should increase reps by 1-3 per month maybe. Dont overtrain, listen to your body or you can get injury and slow your progress.

Best excercises are pullup, chinup, horizontal rows, but you can try bridges if you want more excercises for back. Bridges will not focus on that pulling strenght as much as pull ups but they work all back, glutes, hamstring.. lot of muscles and bridges are good for your back health, flexibility and help you overall in calisthenics. Levers are pretty hard, but if you want you can try some easy steps of progression to levers, it also hard on your core.


Some of these thing may not work for you but one thing I know for sure, its being patient (which may be pretty hard sometime). Sometimes less is more, focus on quality over quantity.