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Wow guys thank you very much for the inputs ! @Nick : I empathize on the Pistols, they really are hard. What helped me was grabbing a standing persons sleeve, and just gripping for the balance, but not pulling in order to get up. On the first reps, then I had to grip them. I love doing them though! Id see thats the only leg exercise i actually like.Thank you for the tip, I’m going to keep pushing myself on pullups!@Hashter :Yeah that makes perfect sense. When I do the side knee raises hanging from the bar i can feel some muscle working that I never knew existed. I tried the dip bar leg raise method today….and failed. Made them knee raises. Im going to start practicting the L sit,good idea. I can do them on the floor easily. Same with leg raises. No cheating. The problem comes on the bar. But I’m going to continue practicing! Thank you for the tip !@Robby Taylor: I was able a couple of times to hold 2-3 secs the planche on push up bars and a strange elbow lever (legs perpendicular to the upper body). I am really bad at those exercises. I agree with you on the part doing a certain exercise means a certain level of strength.

I focus alot on abs and dieting because that part is very hard to develop for me. Push ups,well, i love doing them. I can give you an exampe of what my work out is, keep in mind i never ever repeat the same routine. Today is upper abs, legs, pecs, triceps and shoulders day. I did this :

3 sets of 20 reps of jumping squats with a kettlebell.

3 sets (each leg) of3 reps of supported pistol squats.

3 sets of 1 minute of calf raises.

5 sets of 10 jack knifes with a medicine ball (warm up)

5 sets (each side) of 12 proper alternating bicycle crunches

3 sets of 15 medicine ball toe touch crunches

3 sets of Vertical leg crunches

Then I followed with some planks : push up plank position hold a bit, switched it to walked out plank, switched it to an X plank and ended it with 10 Plank Crunches. I did this circuit 4 times.

So now push ups.

3 x 8 clap push ups (warm up)

3 x 10 medicine ball push ups ( i do them very slowly, feel the pecs burning )

3 x 3 (each side) archer push ups. I grabbed the ball stretched my arm parallel to the floor, grabbed the ball with my hand, and pushed from the other side.

3 x 3 large grip push ups ( hands as wide as they can get whitout my upper body touching the floor, i did only 3 a time because my hand were slipping on the floor from sweat so each rep was extremely difficult.

A couple of T pushUps.

And 3 x 6 isometric Hindu Push Ups.

Btw, I tried the one hand push up, wide legs stance. I was amazed, i did one, and it not clean onlytowards the middle of pushing up! could not repeat it though.

I will try the triceps extension next time. Thank you for the tips on the leg raise, will try that tommorow. As for handstands, well i am very bad at even a headstand. I just fall back in one or the other side. What exercises other then the archers and alternate med ball would you recomend to build strentgh for the one arm push up? Im going tostart doing pikes for the hspu.

Thank you for the tip onthebridge too, it sounds pretty neat.I will try it tommorow onthe back day. So what do you think?