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Ah I see. I could just do the plank at the end, granted my body will be pretty weak from the previous exercises but it’ll still benefit I guess. What do you think?

I’ve been looking at books for when I want to go further with things, was looking at ‘You Are Your Own Gym’, ‘Convict Conditioning’ and Al’s ‘Pushing the Limits!’. From reviews I’d say Al’s book seems to be more in line with what I’m wanting but I understand it’s only based on three exercises. Would Pushing the Limits and Raising the Bar be an effective full body workout? Are there any other good books that are along the same lines?

As an electric and classical guitar player and teacher I’m aware of the importance of technique and realizing the fundamental movements taking place as well as the need to master those movements for a solid foundations and how everything else comes from those fundamentals. I guess I’m looking for a book that will explain things in similar terms.

Sorry for all the questions!