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Hey guys!

I couldn’t start right away but over the last 2 months I slowly went to:

3×45 wall pushups
3×35 half squats
3×15 australian pullups (knees bent)
3×25 leg raises on the floor with knees bent

3 times/week

+ daily mobility work

I took it real slow this time on purpose and I def. feel better and stronger than when I started which is a big success for me in my current state! It’s still not perfect so I will keep progressing slowly.

Now I’d need your advice again. Should I just continue with working out three times a week and up to difficultiy of the exercises (I thought about: incline pushups, full squats, australian pullups, flat leg raises) or should I add some more exercises (maybe start working on pullups, bridge, lunges…)? What about the workout frequency? Should I keep it at 3x/w for now or maybe do a split 4x/w?

Any help is as always appreciated!