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Hey guys, thank you for the replies.

From what you’ve advised, I think I’ll try to attain 2×20, maybe 3×20 max, then try jacknife pullups. I’ll definitely keep the horizontal pulls as a separate progression, since my research indicates that it works the rear delts and different parts of the back muscles more. I guess it’ll be better for size also as I assume low rep pullups won’t add too much mass?

I guess another reason I have had difficulties is that I follow a strict 2-1-2-1 second cadence by the tick of my clock. What I’ve realised looking at videos (like Al Kavadlo’s) is that nobody seems to do Aussies that slow, so I assume such a slow cadence is unsuitable for an exercise of this difficulty?

Finally, do you guys think the rep and set ranges for the CC pullup series may be a bit too high for some people? I mean 2×15 half pullups seems reasonable, as does 2×10 full ones, but 3×20 jacknife pullups seems quite a lot, especially at 2-1-2-1 cadence. Sisko, how are you progressing with Jacknifes? Are you finding it a struggle to get to 3×20 at a 2-1-2-1 cadence?