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Robby Taylor

It’s not a huge deal, as long as your upper arm at least breaks parallel.

Here’s some insight. Consider the position of your shoulders relative to your ankles at bottom of the rep (assuming your knees are locked out and the backs of your heels are resting on the floor), and the position of your hands relative to your ankles, as a triangle. Think back to geometry class. The pythagorean theorem can show us that the distance from your shoulders to your ankles at the bottom of the rep is actually shorter than the distance from your hands to your ankles. This means that there are only 3 ways to get your chest/shoulders to the top while keeping your body rigid: 1. Have your feet on a low friction surface (socks on tile for example), allowing you to slide your feet to compensate. 2. Elevate your feet, ideally about halfway from the floor to your hands. This will minimize the discrepancy between these two distances, and effectively allow for a fuller range of motion, however it will be a bit more difficult since your feet will be elevated. 3. Instead of starting at the bottom with your shoulders directly beneath your hands, scoot back so that your hands are over your lower chest. That way, you can pull your shoulders up to your hands at a slight angle rather than straight up, compensating for the difference.