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Robby Taylor

Well remenber that both women have unique medical history so of course be cautious with anything you try.

As for exercises, I’d say calf raises should not be an issue for someone with full ankle functionality. In particular, both ladies could work toward doing calf raises on an elevated surface (a step or curb) so that at the bottom of the rep the ankles are below the balls of the feet, giving the ankle a full range of motion. If this is an issue I’d suggest stretches relative to this range of motion.

Deep, full range of motion squats (with heels kept on the floor) should also not be a problem…but from what you said one of both of these exercises might be an issue. If so I think they should be worked towards because they signify a basic competency of the ankle. Start out with regular calf raises (no elevation), and regular squats and stretching, with the goal being elevated calf raises and close squats (feet together).

Of course, these are ideals.