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i have a couple of questions about the grease the groove workout.
1. can you do the GTG as your only workout routine?
2. can you combine push ups, pull ups and dips?
3. can i do these excercises every day?
4. do the have to be spreaded out over the entire day or can you start at 4 pm (school out)?
5. can you reach high reps in 1 set after using this workout for some time?(exemple: 30 pull ups, 80 push ups, 30 dips)

Hi Beast, I’ve used GTG and it’s a very effective method. As for answers to your questions.

1. Yes, but you’d be better off doing GTG for 2 completely unrelated movements, then a skeleton workout to hit other body parts.

2. Doubtful, while dips is a different movement than push-ups, they really tax the chest. You’d be better with pushups/pull-ups or dips and pull-ups.

3. Yes, except vary the reps and frequency. One day you may do your push-ups/pull-ups every 90 minutes, the next day every 2 hours, and another day every 3 hours. Vary the reps between 40-60% of your max.

4. Yes, try to do a set before leaving for school in the morning then do as many as you can before bed.

5. Absolutely.