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Robby Taylor

There’s a lot of carry over between exercises. Focus on chin ups and australian pull ups, dips, diamond push ups, and pike push ups (overhead pressing shouldn’t be overlooked; in my opinion handstand push ups are more essential than one arm push ups), L leg raises and planks (working toward full hanging leg raises and L sits), and shrimp squats. In my experience most people find shrimp squats easier to learn than pistol squats, and they are still an awesome exercise. Jumping shrimp squats are excellent for lower body plyometric strength (which translates strongly to vertical jump height).

Try starting out doing 3 days a week, I like working out every other day. Pick a few exercises that you feel good about doing that day, do 3-5 sets. I would say once you can consistently do sets of like 15 or 16 reps of an exercise then you’re ready for a harder variation, as far as strength building goes.