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Robby Taylor

Al recently mentioned in another thread that Grease the Groove may not be ideal in all cases. I think this is one of those cases. Considering the number of reps, the overall amount of work, and the difficulty of the exercises you’re doing, I think you’d be better off doing a workout. Are those 2 reps of each exercise very challenging for you? If you can do many more reps of any of these exercises, then you won’t be gaining too much for it by doing 10 reps spread out over an entire day. If you do find the reps difficult, that’s fine but in that case I think you’re trying to do too much too soon. In this case, I suggest setting aside maybe 30 minutes to do a structured workout 3 times a week. If you still want to do grease the groove that’s actually not a problem, but it should be focused on something either more general or more specific. By that I mean something highly compound with many benefits or something building toward a specific goal (rather than multiple things building toward multiple goals). I would recommend Hindu push ups for this purpose, or back bridges held for time. Either would do you lots of good.