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Robby Taylor

Great! I’m glad you found my last post so helpful. So you’re saying do 1 set each of 6 different exercises? Or do you mean like multiple sets of 2 of each type of exercise, so like 3 mini-workouts? If you mean the former I’d suggest going for more volume. 6 exercises is kind of a lot, but I would personally shoot for at least 3 sets of each exercise of anywhere from 3-15 reps depending on how difficult it is.

As to your second question, as long as you’re getting enough rest and still able to progress without hurting yourself or killing your motivation, it’s all good. Really, as long as you’re doing the exercises regularly you will continue to progress. Everything else is just about optimizing the way that you go about doing so so that you can recover more efficiently and continue training both in individual workouts and from day to day and week to week. Basically, if it works for you and helps you to achieve your goals, then it is worth doing.