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Hello Robby,

Thank you for the feedback. Here are the changes I have made so far and the results.

Firstly, I did a pyramid starting at five down to one with pull ups and chin ups and alternated them with a pyramid set of diamond push ups starting at ten and deducting two each time. So, 5 pull ups, 5 chin ups, 10 diamond push ups, etc. I did that without any pauses except for breathing when I couldn’t finish the set and getting from the bar to a flat bit of ground for push ups. The effect, I never got to starting again at four or doing my commando pull ups or leg lifts. I was smashed, I think in a week or two I’ll have build up to starting again at four, three, two and then one and finishing off with commandos and leg lifts but today I couldn’t manage.

When I go back I did L7 push ups but I dropped the sets back down to ten reps and reduced the pause between sets from five minutes to one minute. That was okay actually.

I haven’t started doing handstands facing the wall because I need to get more confident landing from that position. I’m going to do that outside because I don’t want to worry my housemates with any huge smashes in my room.

Yes, the book looks interesting. I’d like to read it at some point although there are a lot more pressing buys and reads for me at the moment. Marketing is an easy enough skill to pick up, if you ever decide to take the jump I am happy to give you a few pointers. I’m fairly business minded, am looking at doing a degree in that field and teach Business English so I might be able to guide you on the first few steps. Also, if you do want to avoid the corporate gym scene try and find a few martial arts centers to operate from. Also some of the more practically minded groups might be really interested in what you do. I worked nights for a year and a half and it was horrible, I lost a lot of my fitness during that period. I sent an email to a friend doing nights quite a while back with some advice. I’ll find it again and forward it onto you. But I would advice not to view nights as a long term thing. Keep it in mind and I look forward to your advice on here 🙂 it is really helpful. Good luck with the charity fund raiser!