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Hey dude, yes cortisol plays a part. So does insulin. So does serotonin. So do a lot of other hormones and neurotransmitters that aren’t even part of popular health science. I don’t think it’s so helpful to point at hormones (unless there is a glandular issue obviously). They are part of your body’s response and adaptation to whatever it is you’re putting your body through. It might not even be something you are conscious of. We often think we’re doing the right things but unfortunately society makes it easy for us to go wrong, like eat foods that are bad and follow other unhealthy pursuits that are completely socially acceptable.

If you eat a lot dairy you might want to try reducing that, some people have issues even though they appear lactose tolerant. Same with gluten. This is why I advised you should educate yourself, though in saying I must acknowledge that a lot of the information you’ll find is confusing and contradictory. Ultimately experimenting is the only way to be sure. Have you ever tried an elimination diet? Look into something called Whole30 if you haven’t, it can be very enlightening. At any rate, try and avoid nutritional dogma, it’s even more cumbersome than exercise dogma because when it comes to metabolism and digestion there can be more variation between people – just because someone else eats something and apparently gets the results you want doesn’t mean it will work for you.

But again, the importance of good sleep cannot be dismissed.

btw I was looking at your training volume, looks like you’ve got a lot of sets. If there are more than 5 reps per set you may be overdoing it (if your focus is strength and not hypertrophy). More doesn’t mean better, in fitness more is often just more. Great if you’re into endurance, not needed for much else 😉 Train smarter not harder!