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Robby Taylor

I don’t see how working out every day would be easier than 3/7 days. It should be harder! Have you considered doing every other day?

A routine can consist of whatever you want. It sounds like you want to do several easier workouts rather than fewer difficult ones. What exactly are you doing now, sets, reps, etc? You might want to try alternating between a pulling focused day and then a pushing focused day, perhaps something like this:


Day 1: pull ups, push ups, squats (ideally pistol or shrimp squats, or whatever is difficult enough; perhaps lunges, Bulgarian split squats, or cossack squats if shrimps and pistols are too hard), planks (or straight leg raises [on parallel bars or hanging off of pull up bar])

Day 2: dips, Australian pull ups, squats, planks/leg raises

You’ll notice day 1 has a harder pulling exercise and easier pushing exercise while day 2 is the opposite. At this stage it is a great idea to do a separate exercise as none of these exercises alone are exceptionally difficult in that regard; it is ideal to work your way up to L sits, and by the time you can do full hanging leg raises and start seeing serious progress with the back lever, muscle up, etc, then you won’t have to worry about abdominal work so explicitly.


EDIT: actually you should do bridges sometime as well. Maybe leg raises or planks one day then bridges the other day.