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Hey man,

My opinions:

1) Bulking up may hinder your progress in training, especially for guys like you and I who do calisthenics. Non-funtional bodyweight, i.e., excess fat will get in the way of doing pullups and pushups. We need our bodies to be as light as possible (without sacrificing muscle) in order to be able to do these exercises efficiently and effectively. For two guys of similar strength, who is likely to get more pullups, the lean or chubby guy? Putting on muscle without fat is fine though but chowing down like you mention is unlikely to achieve this.

2) Excess body fat can negatively affect flexiblity, such as the hip flexibility required to fully extend the leg in the pistol squat. As you will have realised, flexibility is very important for strength and calisthenics in general, as well as overall wellbeing.

3) If you keep body fat low, you will achieve the harder exercises in your training more quickly. Once you get enough reps, the harder exercises are more effective in building muscle than the easier ones. Fat will slow you down in achieving this.

4) Last but not least, excess fat is not good for one’s health

I have similar goals to you and I would love to look a little bigger and more powerful than I am now. However, I have gotten over the desire to look immediately bigger and just fuss over whether I am getting stronger or not. I believe that when I hopefully get more advanced in my training, I will automatically have more muscle anyway, without having to focus too much on it. All I worry about is: am I eating enough and am I eating healthy? Is it helping or hindering my training?

Here is a useful article. There is some very good advice we would all do well to take on board:

I am no expert and still learning, so anybody else, please correct me if I have said anything wrong.