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Wow, thanks Robby, that’s a deal even I can afford!

OP – I’ve been doing CC after some years of on-again-off-again weightlifting and I’ve made better gains since starting with it less than a year ago. Lots more muscle on my upper legs and lower back even though I’m still mostly at early-middle steps.
However if you want a body for impressing women then you need to put as much focus, if not more, on diet than training. A lean hard-looking body is more appealing to women than big muscles (of course you have your outliers like in anything), big guns are more for impressing the bros. And since there’s always the possibility of a bigger or leaner and stronger guy walking into the same room as you (and your girl), it might not be a bad idea to develop some other part of yourself as “an attraction” that not every other guy can do 😉