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Robby Taylor

I have a buddy who does crossfit, but he works on the calisthenics too. He says the calisthenics has really helped his crossfit and given him new insights on injury prevention benefits that hardly any crossfitters even practice (such as the rotator cuff stability gained from performing one arm pull ups).

That said, crossfit all comes down to the individual practitioner and, if applicable, their coach. You can just find the workouts online and do them yourself, as my buddy does. As long as you do the exercises with good form and don’t push yourself too hard, you should be fine.

For me personally, I think crossfit takes too much focus away from calisthenics strength. That is, there’s so much focus on everything else that I wouldn’t have much time or energy left to work on levers and such. Although, they do incorporate muscle ups, pistol squats, etc. Again, form is totally down to the individual. Apparently strict muscle ups are a very fast way to do them…as long as you don’t get tired. The reason most people do huge kips is because they aren’t strong enough to do nonstop strict muscle ups. Not to diss anyone, doing any muscle ups at all is tough and impressive. I do have a barbell and incorporate a few lifts occasionally, though.