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Robby Taylor

For your assisted pull ups, I’d suggest focusing on negatives instead. Use the assist method to get over the bar, but then do a slow negative without assistance.


Handstand push ups can be risky. If you’re concerned it wouldn’t hurt to see a doctor but most problems that people have with them are related to a shoulder issue or they get head rushes and are afraid of blacking out. If this doesn’t affect you and you don’t have a heart problem you’re probably fine, and I don’t know why a doctor would tell you it was unsafe to do them if you gave him that information, unless you had some sort of heart problem or something. But if you don’t feel like you’re seeing results then you can probably stand to tighten up your form. Make sure that your elbows are pointed somewhat inward, rather than directly outward. This is safer for the shoulders as well as more difficult all around. Eventually work on increasing the range of motion until you can bring your shoulders down to your hands at the bottom of every rep.

If you want to build more muscle, which is what it seems like you’re getting at, you need to eat more…and make sure it’s nutritious food. I’ve read that 70% of your diet should be vegetables, and that seems reasonable to me, although I don’t eat that much haha. Round it out with lean meats (mainly chicken, turkey, salmon, some other fishes), nuts, seeds, fruits, and if you eat grains make sure it’s whole grain. check out for a detailed analysis of various healthy foods.