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Robby Taylor

People could judge you for various reasons, from the beginner who can barely do a pull up thinking you’re just seeking attention, to the heavy bencher who’s always associated calisthenics with warm ups thinking that you think you’re so great, but that you probably can’t bench as much as he can.

But I think that, ultimately, it reflects the empowering nature of calisthenics. You don’t need to train outside, but if you do accept you might have some onlookers. As a beginner, this may feel embarrassing if you keep failing a new skill. As an advanced athlete, people will probably think you’re showing off. But the general empowerment that comes from this training is constant. Philosophically, that is probably the biggest takeaway. It’s not about what other people think, it’s about honing your skills to become the truest representation of an exercise that you can. Philosophically, the endgame is control of our physical domain, and the strengthening of the mental/physical connection.