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If you’re able to find a box or 2 of a height that’ll put your body both parallel to the ground and at a sharp decline then you’ve got a couple of variations — start with your feet on the floor at a normal grip-width.

Then with your body at parallel they will be a little more difficult — and at a decline again moreso — when decline Rows are easy try to widen your grip so much that your elbows are out at 90 degrees from your body — they’re called Bulgarian Rows — and you might only be able to do a couple at a time at first.

And of course as per usual Robby Taylor and Al Kavadlo are right.

They’re very good for the middle of your upper back and should be done in addition to Pull-ups in my opinion — to keep a healthy shoulder girdle and fix any imbalances from all the Push-up work you do — and for all of the time spent sitting with poor posture in front of the computer.