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Robby Taylor

Well, firstly, keep in mind that as you gain weight the harder moves will get that much harder. So you may want to get where you want to be skill-wise before you focus on gaining weight. As a general guideline, I think a good level for most to shoot for is to be comfortable doing clean handstand push ups or one arm push ups, muscle ups, pistol squats, and back levers. I think people should strive for the stand to stand bridge, but most won’t. You should at least be comfortable with the bridge, though. While you should focus on advancing exercises, don’t neglect weighted pull ups and dips to help you gain weight.

Your routine looks adequate overall, but yeah you could stand to benefit from doing up to 12 reps per set.

Deadlifts and squats are among the best barbell exercises you can do, particularly for your goals. The only upper body lift I’d really suggest is the standing strict overhead press. I can’t tell by how you worded it but I would suggest doing them on separate days, not the same day. You should give the Jefferson deadlift a try, it’s odd but it is a nice hybrid of a traditional squat and deadlift. If all you do for lower body is Jefferson deadlifts and pistol squats, you’re fine. But sprints help too. If you have the conditioning for it, you should probably try sprints at least once a week. You can do deadlifts one day (along with upper body pressing), squats another (with pulling), and superset sprints and pistol squats on day 3.

Of course, if you’re training like that, you need to rest enough and eat enough good food.

Lastly, keep in mind that muscle fibers tear during the negative portion of a rep, which ultimately leads to muscle growth.