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Robby Taylor

Since gaining weight is more important for you, don’t worry so much about the progressions. As long as you are comfortable with waiting longer to attain more advanced skills, they will come with consistent training.

I actually do recommend shooting for a rep goal instead of maxing out. If you find it to be too easy, maybe you need a different exercise or different rep/set scheme. Feel free to mention other appropriate sites, as far as I’m concerned.

Oh, I simply meant on a 3 day per week cycle. If you’re hitting everything hard, you should probably do the weighted exercises each once per week. The most important weighted exercises for you are deadlifts and/or squats. The reason I recommend the Jefferson lift is because it is similar to both a squat and a deadlift but feels safe than either. Plus it’s a way to minimize weight use. As a calisthenics athlete, being able to do a heavy Jefferson lift and getting good at pistol squats (even weighted pistols) should ensure that your regular squat and deadlift would be strong, assuming familiarity with the lifts. As for upper body weighted exercises, remember that these are largely supplementary to calisthenics. For this reason, I would typically recommend overhead pressing and/or weighted dips in addition to weighted pull ups. These will let you focus on mechanically simple, easy to track weighted exercises that will ensure that you maintain a certain level of relative strength that will allow you to build muscle and have carry over to your calisthenics. You may want to limit the upper body lifting to one day per week so that you can focus on pure calisthenics upper body exercises the rest of the week. Sprinting isn’t necessary but a great addition *if* you are conditioned for it.