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Robby Taylor

By circles do you mean this?

those are really hard…yeah that’s anaerobic for sure haha.

I think most of the exercises I listed in my last post can be done as an aerobic exercise, but unless you’re trying to be super hardcore I think low jumping jacks and squat jumps would be too taxing. Although it would be pretty damn impressive to see someone jump rope for 30 minutes (with both legs together jumping at the same time).

I dunno, try jumping jacks for 15 minutes and let us know how it goes! Not sure how that would be for your knees, which is why I recommended swimming. Try swimming for 30 minutes straight, that would definitely be a great aerobic workout and would save your knees. Also it’s obviously a great way to stay cool in the summer months.

You could also try get ups (just lie on the floor and stand up, then repeat) or burpees (you don’t necessarily have to do a jump or a push up during the burpee; this would allow you to do it for a longer time with less intensity).

Sorry if this isn’t really what you’re looking for, aerobic training really isn’t my thing. Al will probably have better advice since he’s done a marathon and a triathlon.


I can tell you this though: one of my friends at work had a promising boxing career in his youth, and he tells me his favorite exercise for general conditioning in boxing is distance running.