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Robby Taylor

Those splits sound fine! You should also incorporate bridging at some point, perhaps when you wake up. I would just find it difficult to consistently take enough time away fromwork to work out so frequently. I mean once every hour or two over 12 hours is at least like 6 times a night. But it’s up to you. Personally I found it better to do a comprehensive workout at home, then do just one or two exercises at work. Like, if all you did in that time was pistol squats and, say, L sits at work, you’d be getting a lot better at those two exercises. What you’re talking about is essentially grease the groove but for like an entire routine. But hey, maybe it is easier for you to maintain and make progress that way, so try your way out for awhile and see how it works for you. But if your progress stalls, consider a more comprehensive training session at home.