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Hey Robby,

Thank you for the reply !

I know I do alot of ab exercises, but they are my weak point. I need to train them frequently and alot to barely see my six pack. Its quite frustrating, I started doing pull ups and chin ups 2 motnhs ago and i put on 5 lbs of mass on my back and biceps simply by eating a bit more protein and good carbs.

I get your point about harder stuff like the front lever requiring alot of strentgh just to hold it, but I can barely hold a tucked FL for more then a few seconds. And I do not feel my abs engaging. I understand your point though, with the muscle up example and I agree but I am so far from there.

Alot of articles out there are very flawed and full of misinformation. I take everything with a grain of salt, and use what works best for me. I used to loads of sit up variations and crunches, now i do only 2-3 in a circuit, my primary focus for abs switched to hanging exercises and planks because it works alot better for me.

What would be the best exercises I could keep doing at my level?

Also, will doing planks interfer with the pecs/triceps/deltoid training?